Titifreak is a well-known illustrator, graffiti artist and yo-yo champion! Before painting graffiti in 1996 his background was in comic art. He has collaborated with many other artists in big productions and produces solo pieces mainly in his own district of Liberdade in Sao Paulo.

Although his work can be detailed he strives for simplicity in his art, inspired by people and the spaces where he chooses to paint. The urban environment is always present in his energetic drawings, which include buildings, electric tramlines and other elements of city life.

It has been an extraordinary year for Titi (pronounced Tee-chee in a Brazilian accent), who until this year had not travelled outside Brazil. In February he took part in a Choque Cultural group show at the Jonathan Levine gallery in New York. Then in March he spent three month touring Japan - see:tfreakosakatour.blogspot.com

Following another group show in St Tropez, Titifreak recently exhibited at Ocontemporary gallery in Brighton, UK, where it's still possible to buy some of his original works.

Titifreak's first screen print series with Choque Cultural were best sellers and remain collectors items so we are please to present two new series of prints. Firstly a pair of prints produced in collaboration with Ocontemporary soon to be followed by colloborative prints with London-based Pictures on Walls.

Prints will initially be limited to one person customer.



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